Are you looking for ... 

      • Improved Leadership
      • Focused Change Strategies
      • Increased Performance
      • Global Talent Architecture
      • Conference and Motivational Speaking

Working with global business leaders on organisational leadership issues and coaching key individuals to grow their potential to lead others, Sian Thomas helps organisations to implement strategy, and achieve their change objectives.

As one of the most versatile and impactful female leaders she integrates leadership practices and culture change for improved performance and has years of practical business experience. She believes in behaviour and mind set change for results and builds strong partnerships with clients to tailor a integrated programmes and engages leaders in global talent transformation.

Key Experience and Expertise 

  • Organisational Development and Design
  • Thinking, Acting and Leading Globally
  • Culture Change
  • Positive Risk Culture Change
  • Client and Partner Engagement/ Sales
  • Connecting and Building Teams
  • Coaching and Leadership Development
  • Executive and Board Workshops
  • Motivational and Inspiring Speaking
  • Global and Diversity Change Efforts